Bosvathick House Cornwall open to visitors
Bosvathick House Cornwall open to visitors

Will leave a smile on your face

40% of country houses that take guests are luxurious, amazing and very expensive. The other 59% offer sub-par service. And all of them feel like hotels rather than The actual estates they once were.

This place is the remaining 1%. A country house that is still a country house. It just happens that you can pay to stay with the owners. The house is bursting with character, with plenty of winding corridors, airy drawing rooms and big staircases. It feels rather like the set of an old Poirot movie. (So if you’re afraid of big old houses at night with creaky staircases, best go to the holiday inn).

And it’s a delight to stay. The rooms are huge, the bathrooms are fine, breakfast: so often where these places fail, is fabulous, and while you do have to go hunting around for the owner if you need something. That’s kinda fun!

I loved staying here and if you’re bored of hotels or naff b&b’s, you should too.